Musicology and Music Journalism

Growing up in NYC, as well as with access to the internet, I was fascinated with alternative and DIY music before I was old enough to attend shows.  When I was a teenager I started attending all ages punk clubs and local music shows in Brooklyn and getting familiar with underground music. Live music and the community surrounding it became a safe space for me to express myself, which led me to writing and chronicling my experiences through field reporting and music reviews.

Having studied college at USC In LA and growing up in NYC, I have now attended over 200 independent music shows, as well as many big name shows as well. Through my study of musicology and genre at USC with professors such as Camae Ayewa (AKA Moor Mother), Scott Spencer and Nina Young. I have grown into a more academic writing style while still (hopefully) maintaining a non-pretentious normalcy in my writing.

While I have studied music from all across the globe such as Japan, Cuba, Germany, London, Mexico and West Africa, my ethnomusicological basis and fieldwork research is rooted in the LA and NYC underground music scene (of multiple different genres) specializing on alternative music, genre fusion and experimental music. I love music, and I want to share my love of it through my musical analysis.

Below is links to some of my music analysis, journalism, reviews and field reports. I also have more more short form musicology content on my Tik Tok, and think it’s a great way of engaging with people about music


Drain Gang Field Report and Anlysis 

Harsh Noise Genre Analysis

The Party Don’t Stop - An Analysis of Tik Tok and Kesha’s Unique Persona

The Consistent Experimentation of Hip Hop

Vein.FM Live at The Echo 9/13/22 - Modern Hardcore Analysis

Terror In Resonance Score Analysis

M U S I C  IS  P A I N T